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Private sessions are personalized to each individual’s needs. (Open for in-person privates or Zoom. It's your preference.)

  • Ballet Lessons

  • Yoga/Stretch

  • Posture/Alignment

  • Preparing a Dance for an Event or Performance

  • Wedding Dance


  • Customized exercises for specific areas of the body.

  • One-on-one private time with an instructor rather than group classes.

  • A customized program specifically for your personal needs.

  • Meeting in the privacy of your own home.

  • To save time in your busy schedule.

No matter what your age, injuries or limitations are, Mindy will bring you into a new appreciation for your body and expand your ability to move more freely and joyfully.

Private Sessions


 We all want to improve our posture. But the question is how? We’ve been told stand up straight, put your shoulders back, chin up, etc… We put ourselves in fixed positions thinking we are correcting our posture but we are only creating more tension, stress, and incorrect habits. In this workshop, you will learn a 4-step method, and with repetition on a daily basis, you can change your posture without even knowing you’re doing it.

NEW Workshop

"Footcare and Balance" (See details in Virtual Classes tab)

There are Gentle Yoga classes on Wednesdays and Sundays at 10:00 am-11:00 am PST. Please email for more information and Zoom link.


  • A 4-step method to improve your posture.

  • Specific exercises that will help to realign your posture.

  • To use a tennis ball to assist you in releasing tension in your musculature.

  • How to feel more connected to your body, which will allow for more freedom of movement.

  • How to have less pain and stress in your body.

Posture Workshop


Creative Expressive Dance is designed to enliven the playful dancer within.  Energize and de-stress your body through guided explorations with dance elements and concepts that invoke self-expression and creativity. You will leave feeling refreshed, uplifted and more joyful!

Book Mindy upon request for Retreats and Workshops. Creative Expressive Dance can be customized to any theme or subject for your retreat or workshop.


  • The exploration of different concepts and elements of dance that give you unlimited possibilities to move your body in your own unique creative expression.

  • A fresh new awareness in your body allowing you to feel grounded and present.

  • A renewed sense of energy.

  • Relief from stress and tension in your body.

  • A deeper connection with your inner dancer.

  • Inspiration to move forward with your creative projects.

  • More freedom of movement in your body.

  • A sense of joy, playfulness, and fun.

  • Connection with others.



Corporate Team Building through Dance

Corporate Team Building Through Dance is a creative movement workshop where participants are guided through structured movement exercises with partners and groups for collaboration and connection.  Together participants will share and implement new ideas for specific movement sequences.  This promotes new team building skills while having fun and exercising.   

Creative Dance for Children 

Children learn the concepts and elements of dance through fun activities and exercises appropriate for every age level. They learn rhythm with instruments, develop dance skills, strengthen the body and interact with others. Available for birthday parties and kids events.  

BrainDance for Seniors

The BrainDance was developed by Anne Green Gilbert. It is comprised of eight fundamental movement patterns that reorganize the central nervous system. It improves memory, balance, attention, increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain and respiratory systems, develops better sensory integration, motor skills, enhances core support connectivity and better alignment for integration of body and mind.   

BrainDance Teacher Training and Brain-Compatible Creative Dance Teacher Training

BrainDance Teacher Training and Brain-Compatible Creative Dance Teacher Training are participatory courses in the BrainDance and Creative Dance Teaching Methods developed by Anne Green Gilbert.  They can be done separately or combined.  These courses are designed for dance educators at all levels, classroom and music teachers, art and physical education specialists, staff at senior centers, and dancers interested in learning to teach Creative Dance in a dance studio or public school setting.

Dancing with Nature 

An outdoor class designed for your group, special event or occasion.  Dancing with Nature is creative explorations with movement/dance and nature. Experience the connection with your body, movement, breath, and nature and explore an inner and outer dance between the elements.  

Corporate Dance
Creative Dance for Children
Brain Dance Seniors
Teacher Training
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